The 2nd Congress of the Asian Society of Neuropathology

The minutes and decisions of The Executive Committee
November 5th, 2011 at China Hall of Science and Technology

Attendance : 26 persons(17 from China, 8 from Japan, and 1 from Malaysia)

The President Dr. Kazuo Nagashima took the chair.
Languages were Chinese and Japanese, and translated to each other by Dr. Y.-S. Piao (Beijing, China).


  1. Self-introduction.
  2. Election of new Board members.
    • The President: Dr. De-Hong Lu (Beijing) succeeded Dr. Kazuo Nagashima.
    • Vice President: Dr. Hitoshi Takahashi (Niigata, Japan) succeeded Dr. Lu-Ning Wang (Beijing). Note: Dr. Seung U. Kim (Korea) remains as the Vice President.
    • Secretary General: Dr. Y.-S. Piao (Beijing) succeeded Dr. Yoshio Hashizume (Aichi, Japan).
    • Treasurer: Dr. Yin Wang (Shanghai, China) succeeded Dr. Imaharu Nakano (Tochigi, Japan).

Chairman changed to the new President Dr. Dr. De-Hong Lu.


  1. The date and country in charge of the 3rd Asian Congress of Neuropathology were discussed.
  2. It was supported that the 3rd Congress will be held earlier than the International Congress of Neuropathology in 2014.
  3. The new Boad members will make contact with Korea and India as the candidate for the 3rd Congress.