Drafting Sentence for Asian Society of Neuropathology (ASNP)

Neuropathology is a scientific field that originated in Europe in the 19th century and it has played an important role in studies of the etiology and pathogenesis of various neurological disorders. Scientists in Asia have assimilated this knowledge and associated techniques, and are now making significant and original contributions to the field in the 21st century. Today, Asian neuropathologists need an opportunity to present their own results under a society of friendship and to exchange information with each other. This development is very important in the elucidation of both existing and novel neurological disorders and will make a substantial contribution to the development not only of Asian neuropathology, but also of the discipline worldwide. To achieve this important objective, here we propose to establish an Asian Society of Neuropathology.


President of Japanese Society of Neuropathology:Prof. Emeritus Kazuo Nagashima

Representative of Chinese Society of Neuropathology:Prof. LuNing Wang

Representative of Korean Society of Neuropathology:Prof. Seung U Kim