Flotation of the ASNP (the Asian Society of Neuropathology)

As stated in the foundation declaration of the ASNP (*attached), neuropathologists in Asia have announced to organize their own society. The founding representative neuropathologists can be: LuNing Wang (Beijing, China), Seung U Kim (Suwon, Korea), Chitra Sarkar (New Delhi, India), Kazuo Nagashima (Sapporo, Japan), Thong K Wong (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Chin-Chen Lee (Taipei, Taiwan), and Sangruchi Tumtip (Bangkok, Thailand).

We propose an Asian Congress of Neuropathology to be located in an Asian Country every four years and in an intervening year, an ISN Meeting; viz., in 2008, 2012, 2016 etc; a schedule similar to that of the European Congress of Neuropathology.

A preparation committee attended by the representatives will be held in Tokyo on May 31, 2007 during the 48th Japanese Congress of Neuropathology, and it is likely to propose to hold the first Asian Congress of Neuropathology in Tokyo in 2008 at the annual meeting of JSNP. At the committee meeting, the location of the second Asian Congress will also be decided.

We hope that as many people as possible who are interested in neuropathology will come together to present their own clinical and experimental data, and to exchange ideas and knowledge of neuropathology among Asian neuropathologists.