Out line

First Congress of Asian Society of Neuropathology

Date: May 22, 2008

Conference Venue: Tower Hall Funabori
4-1-1, Funabori, Edogawa-ku
Tokyo, 134-0091, Japan

Dr. Kazuo Nagashima
Former president of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology Emeritus Professor of Hokkaido University

Vice president:
Dr. Atsuo Koto (President of 49th Ann. Meet. JSNP)
Director of Yomiuri Land Keiyu Hospital
Vice president:
Dr. Toshiki Yoshimine (President of 26th Ann. Meet. Japanese Society of Brain Tumor Pathology)
Professor, Deapartment of Neurosurgery, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine




Program Outline
The meeting program will contain symposia on hot topics of brain tumor pathology and encephalitis in Asian countries and neurodegenerative disorders and free oral and poster presentation.

The official language of this congress is English

Call for abstracts
Free Communications and Poster Presentations
Submission deadline 15 January 2008
Abstract text must be written in English with maximum 2500 characters (approx. 400 words). This is excluding author details and the abstract title. Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplement issue of Neuropathology, JSNP's official journal and will be given to all delegates attending the Congress.

Related Congress
49th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Neuropathology
President: Atsuo KOTO
Yomiuri Land Keiyu Hosp.
Date: May 20 - 22, 2008
Venue: Funabori, Edogawa, Tokyo

26th Annual Meeting of Brain Tumor Pathlogy
President: Toshiki Yoshimine
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Date: May 23 - 24, 2008
Venue: Funabori, Edogawa, Tokyo

Yoshio Hashizume
Chairman of International Communication Committee of The Japanese Society of Neuropathology
Professor , Department of Neuropathology
Institute for Medical Science of Aging, Aichi Medical University
Nagakute-cho, Aichi-gun, Aichi 480-1195, Japan



Masaki Takao
Secretary general of 49th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Neuropathology
Department of Legal Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine