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  1. Cerebrovascular Diseases

    The ISN Neuropath Press has produced a new volume in its series <Pathology & Geneticsc entitled "Cerebrovascular Diseases" It provides up-to-date information on genetics, pathophysiology and pathology of all major diseases associated with various cerebrovascular abnormalities and circulatory disturbances in the brain and spinal cord. There are also brief sections on clinical features, epidemiology, imaging methods, and therapeutic influences. The book is written by more than 50 international experts on cerebral vasculature and blood flow, and presents the information in a comprehensive and easily accessible manner. The chapters include numerous high quality color images and a large number of carefully selected references. ISBN 3-9522313-4-7, approximately 390 pages. Hannu Kalimo Finland served as Volume Editor; Harry V. Vinters United States, Sukriti Nag Canada, Seth Love United Kingdom, Michael A. Moskowitz United States, Hugues Chabriat France, Markku Kaste Finland, Minoru Tomita Japan, Karl Plate Germany served as Advisory Editors. The new volume and the previous books (Neurodegenerative Diseases, Developmental Neuropathology can be bought from Brain Pathology Editorial Office Fax: +1-310-267-0545. Order forms and sample chapters can be downloaded from Brain Pathology website

  2. Developmental Neuropathology
  3. Neurodegeneration
  4. Muscle Diseases